People keep asking me.. What is website? What is portal? Youtube is a website. No! It”s a portal!
Let make clear the differences and understanding each well.
A Web Portal also known as Portal. It could be any huge website that provide any types of service. It does not tight to any specific industry but various from social, home, activities, sports, career, employment and lot more. Usually a web portal contains very sufficient information to service a specific type of industry. For example youtube (Video Portal), alibaba(Trade Portal), facebook(Social Networking Portal).
Portal charge money or always free?
Some portals do charge a small amount to enjoy the service but some are in opposite way. Maybe free for registration with basic feature but upgrade to a higher level to enjoy advance features. There is also numbers of portal that provides free service such as youtube(since the date of launching until to-date). No doubt, a new portal should provide some free or trial features to grab the new user as part of their web marketing strategies.
A free portal can make you rich?
If a portal providing a free service. How do they make money from that to pay for the system development, server, firewall security and network facilities. Yeah! It”s about the advertisement. A high traffic portal can easily make millions from advertisement placement.
Website? It contains information including web pages, images, videos, and texts for a businesses or a personal profile. If you are designing a website for personal profile, it”s free style! No rules, No special standard. Many western people like to create their personal profile to promote themselves. In ASIA, there is not much people doing this.
However, a business website should be a very well formal in information presentation. A business website should well arrange all the information for easy navigation to deliver the information to your audience. Everyone know, “website drive traffic and business”. But How?!!! Few things to put concern: Rich content, Well structure, Comfortable in reading and Quality of presentation.
Testing and Checking” Checking is very important before we publish a website on the Internet for public access. From our year”s experience, a website should be compatible in all major browsers such as Internet Explorer (IE), Firefox, and Chrome as well as Mac OS. There is no way we can skip this. Unless you just want to business with IE user.
In conclusion, once your website published for public access. You will need to plan for the marketing. The web marketing is the key to determine your website is success or failed. Good luck ^^

Android is one type of platform based on the Linux operating system which is mainly designed for smart-phones. Android applications are covering a huge smart- phone market all across the globe. Android gives world-class platform for creating application for Android users everywhere. Android is a amazing platform for the smart phones that support various application developments. Android development solutions covers a large area of application development that like Android Multimedia Applications, Communication Application, Office/Business Applications, Banking & Finance Applications and More.

Great Benefit Of Android Apps Development Services:

Graphics Support Cost Effective Service Linux Kernel Open-source Platform Easy Access Outsourcing Advanced Integration Rich Development Environment Support latest Media Format Easy to Undersstand Tools

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Probably all the chief mobile phone producers in the world are making Wireless Internet phones. They are also referred to as VoIP voice over Internet phones. A broadband wireless system must be set up within your office or home before you can make use of your wireless internet phone. You can increase your internet speed by using a wireless Internet phone via the phones Bluetooth. In this case you will need a Bluetooth allow phone.

The use of Wireless Internet Phone involves the use of Wireless Application Protocol WAP. When you access a Wireless Internet phone with WAP permited device, you can use it by opening the mini-browser when you switch of the phone, the device will send a radio signal to its environment and search for a network service. When a connection has been established with your service provider, you can then search for your websites, the gateway server using WAP receives a call when you begin to browse with your Wireless internet phone and the information is retrieved by the gateway server through the HTTP on the website you are browsing. After your gateway server encodes the HTTP facts as WML, these encoded facts is then sent to your wireless internet phone appliance.

A Web site creates particular text-only or low-graphics versions of the site in order to begin a wireless internet content on your wireless Internet phone. The web server sends the facts in an HTTP form to gateway which make use of other features such as WAP encoder, script compiler and protocol adapters to convert the HTTP information to WML. The converted facts is thus sent to the WAP client on your wireless internet phone by the Gateway. The facts and information are passed on to the mini browser once the information and facts are received by the WAP client on the wireless internet phone. The work of the mini browser is to ease internet navigation within the Wireless Internet phone.

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Ten years ago, the Operating System workhorses for US Government IT networks were Windows for unclassified And Solaris for classified traffic. There were sprinklings of Novell (due to its unique messaging system) and Mac OSx But there was no way a Systems Administrator was going to be allowed to put Linux on any government operational network.

However work was ongoing within one of the groups belonging to the keepers of the cryptographic gateway to Utilize the versatility of the Linux operating system to create an acceptable and capable version of Linux. The National Security Agency presented the scalable Security Enhanced Linux, which did not initially catch on with the Academics (due to its heavy reliance on compartmentalization) but it has evolved and withstood the test of time for The security administrators.

Government Mobile Problem (Background)

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Huawei E160 Modem
Huawei E160 3g Modem HSDPA UMTS USB 3G Wireless

Travel together with friends and want to share the internet with them? Using a 3G USB modem offers you the convenience of being online while traveling or being away from your usual Internet connection. But How about when there are more computers to connect with the Internet? Here we will show you how to make other computers a wonderful Internet connection with a 3G usb modem and a wireless router (for no cost other than the internet fee you use for one PC.

The USB modem’s connection can be shared with other devices by using a wireless router. Use a wireless router to establish a local area network for nearby Wi-Fi-capable computers and other devices. You can follow the steps:

1. Connect your 3G USB-enabled router to power. Insert one end of its power supply into the device’s “Power” or “AC” port.
Then insert the other end of the power supply into a nearby electrical outlet. And Connect your modem to an available USB slot on the wireless router using a USB cable.

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